Q. I don’t know the rules can I still play?
A. Yes, we will teach you the basics and any position specific rules that you would need to know in fact most people that start this sport do not know the rules.

Q. I don’t have any of the padding or helmet?
A. That’s ok we can supply you with loan equipment.

Q. What do I need to bring?
A. The only equipment you need to supply is a mouth guard and footwear, anything with a good solid tread pattern or cleats, footy, soccer, rugby or hockey boots are ideal.

Q. When and where do you play?
A. We as a league play all junior and senior games at one venue which normally rotates between a North of the river and a South of the river location playing 3 or 4 rounds at each and always on a Saturday. The earliest Senior game is normally 2 pm and the latest is at 7pm.

Q. Are you looking for new players or recruiting this year?
A. Yes we are always looking for new players.

Q. Your season has already started can I still join your club this year?
A. Yes for sure, the sooner you get to training the sooner we can start teaching you and you can start learning.

Q. When is your season?
A. We start playing the seniors regular season in October and finish at the end of January. Finals are end of January early February.

Q. Where and when do you Train?
A. We train on Monday and Wednesday nights starting 6.30 pm till 8.30 pm at Curtin University at Edinburgh oval (Rugby) or the South oval (Footy) dependant on what time of year it is.

Q. I am a larger person who is not very fit and am not sure if I could play?
A. All sizes and fitness levels can play gridiron.

Q. I am a smaller person and I am not sure if I could play?
A. All sizes and fitness levels can play gridiron.

Q. I have not played contact sports before and am not sure if I could play?
A. We will teach you proper hitting and tackling techniques whether you have played contact sports before or not as football has very different techniques to other sports, so come down and find out.

Q. I cant catch or throw the ball and am not sure if I could play?
A. Only a small amount of people need to catch or throw the ball.

Q. How do I register to play or do I just show up?
A. You can contact us through the website or call or just turn up to a training session, feel free to come and have a look first if you like or bring down your shoes/boots + mouth guard to training and have a run with us.