The Vipers opened by pounding the rock, whilst they were unable to break free for a big run, they kept moving the chains. The Vipers thought they had scored on an end around but it was brought back for a block in the back. They went to the air to gain the first down and bulldozed over from the one and converted the extras.

Doug Stewart and Ty Henry kept the chains moving into Vipers’ territory. Sottilare went deep but his pass to Jesse Hallett drifted in the wind and was intercepted. Again the Vipers went to the ground game to move away from their own goal-line. A couple of quick strikes put them in range and they barrelled over again despite Henry making numerous tackles. The extras were good (0-16) and the game was already in the second quarter.

A three and out forced Zach Austin in to punt, his kick was fumbled but the Saints couldn’t recover it. The D forced the Vipers to punt, taking over on their own fifteen. The Saints got moving with passes to Gareth Weinbrecht and Daniel Strickland. However a tipped pass was intercepted near midfield. The Vipers opened with a pass to put them on the Saints’ twenty-nine. Primoz Pancic got to QB just as he released the ball but was flagged for a late hit to the dismay of the Saints’ bench. The Vipers ground game took advantage of the free yards to score and convert (0-24).

A squib kick was returned to midfield by Hamish Cowley giving Sottilare a chance to reach the end zone. His Hail Mary was picked off, and the Saints were visibly upset by a late hit on Stewart after the return had ended and a despite a storm of yellow no action was taken.

Sottilare went to the air to open the third quarter, but facing a fourth and ten, he was sacked at the Viper’s thirty-four to kill the drive. The half-time charges slowed the run but left the secondary more vulnerable to the pass and the Vipers eventually scored with a short pass. An unsportsmanlike conduct penalty on the Vipers after converting the extras (0-32) forced the kick off back to the twenty.

Stewart nearly broke the Vipers’ coverage to put the Saints inside the Viper’s half. Again Sottilare went to the air but couldn’t get the Saints in from inside the Red Zone. The Saints sent the pressure but the Vipers’ WR got free before being dragged down by Cam Groenhilde at the ten. The D couldn’t hold out but stopped the extras (0-38).

The Saints got moving again with Strickland starring in the drive which he finally capped with a neat catch at the back of the end zone. Sottilare couldn’t connect on the extras (6-38). An onside kick was mishandled, but the Saints again couldn’t recover the ball. The Vipers moved into the Red Zone but the D denied them. The Saints moved deep into Viper’s territory with the aid of two facemask penalties, however time expired before the Saints could score again.

Offensive MVP – Daniel Strickland

Nine receptions and the Saints only Td also played a large number of snaps on D

Defensive MVP – Hamish Cowley

Took on the blockers and played on all special teams

Most Saintly Performance – Ty Henry – Everywhere

10 tackles on Defence and played the vast majority of offensive snaps too.